Get Customer by Account with Balance


This Dynamic List returns a customer list, where the customer has an account balance greater than or equal to the defined account balance for either the Instore Point account or the Instore Credit account. Aside from the customer list, the actual account balance is also returned with this list, either as a positive amount, or the negative balance amount. The negative balance allows this list to be used with a credit template to remove the existing balance of the selected account, and it is often used to remove all wallet credit from customer Instore Credit accounts. Another common use for this Dynamic List is in use with a fixed Credit Template, to convert points from the Instore Point Account, to Wallet Credit in the customers Instore Credit account.

What are the parameters?

  • Account Type: [ Point ] or [ Prepay ]
    • This is a drop down list parameter, allowing for the selection of what Account Type the Dynamic list will be looking at. The only valid selections from this list are either the Point or Prepay account type.
  • Account Subtype: [ Instore Points ] or [ Instore Credit ]
    • Another drop down list parameter, where the specific account is actually selected. One one value from this list is valid for either of the valid Account Types:
      • Point: Instore Points 
      • Prepay: Instore Credit
  • Account Balance: [ 500 ]
    • This is the defined balance the Dynamic List is comparing customer account balances against. The customer will be returned with the list if the selected account in their Wallet has a balance greater than or equal to the defined balance. To get all customers with any balance use a zero (0) for this parameter.
  • Return Negative Balance: [ unchecked ] or [ checked ]
    • Unchecked: the customer and the balance of the selected account will be returned. The value of the account balance will be returned as the actual balance
    • Checked: The customer and the negative account balance of the selected account will be returned

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